Multi-generational families

Values matter. Your family has amassed human, social, intellectual, and financial capital; with all this comes promise and responsibility. By visualizing the tradeoffs that you face — and pre-experiencing them on our GPS platform — you can apply sound, durable decisions in alignment with your values generations into the future.

Corporate executives

You’re a visible, accomplished leader; your assets ought to work as hard as you do. Tying all wealth to your company can seem imprudent, while taxes on income, gains, gifts or estates are headwinds. Many clever solutions exist; we help you navigate with precision, clarity and control at a pace that suits.

Private investors

Whether you invest a PE, VC, real estate or hedge fund — structural alpha on your personal balance sheet can raise your game. You pay plenty of taxes; you shouldn’t pay an extra penny. A rigorous assessment of private and public market dynamics, overlaid with your liquidity expectations and transfer objectives, may expand both your family wealth and your GP stake.

Business owners

Your business speaks to your vision, leadership and hard work. Exiting it will be a watershed life and financial event. The time for us to talk is now. Beginning to plan early — ideally well before any transaction is imminent — can magnify your future family wealth.

Family offices

Even top-tier family offices struggle to execute precisely upon the principal’s needs and requests. You need an analytical platform that integrates market outlook, the family’s goals and preferences, and tax-smart investment strategy. Our proprietary GPS backbone solves this need.

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